"David in particular is one of the most innovative and driven young guitarists on the scene today."”

— Pat Mastelotto - King Crimson

n e w s

l i v e

5/5 for Unexpected Isolation! 

Slovakian guitarist Kollar and Norwegian trumpeter Henriksen have a special rapport. Their rather brief on-stage encounters resulted in 2018’s “Illusion Of A Separate World” which seemed to have predicted lockdowns and locusts besieging our days, and 2020’s "Crime On The Bunny" which drove it home with “Coronomorphia” – so there was nothing new for these artists in resuming remote recording and giving us another chapter of their saga. “Unexpected Isolation” is an instrumental mosaic that reflects today’s state of affairs, focusing on small details to render it all relatable.
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The Fragmented Flâneur about PULSES 

My thoughts on some wonderful new tracks from David Kollar :
“This, then, is music which has been composed in our strange times to be appreciated in such. It further explores the idea of isolation that Kollar has done in his previous lockdown work, but I found that it actually helped to increase my psychological boundaries and explore new areas with and in my mind as the sounds of Kollar’s compositions passed through it.”


Music based on the use of drones, or the delays that need to be archetypal for Japan, India and Australia, spread in Europe in the 20th century thanks to minimalism, alternative rock and electronic music. But since 1958, when the American La Monte Young introduced his Trio for Strings, a lot of water has passed. Through John Cale, Terry Riley, Klaus Schulz, Brian Eno, the Biosphere, but also George Crumb and his Black Angels and Henry Górecký's string quartets, the drone has spread to contemporary progressive music. But only some can use it freshly and with extraordinary suggestion. Listen to new "coronavirus" recordings by David Kollar. They will penetrate all the pores of your body, shake you, fill you with humility and defiance, heal and arouse ... 

Jan Hocek 
(Jazzport, HIS Voice, skjazz.sk)


The Television and Film Academy in Slovakia has decided that the best film music in 2019 has been composed by David Kollar. 
The music for the movie Punk is Now! you can see live. Watch the concerts.