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David Kollar and Erik Truffaz
David Kollar and Arve Henriksen
David Kollar and Christian Fennesz

 David Kollar (35) is a young generation artist, guitarist and film music composer with a unique musical vision that absorbs and reflects all manner of music while retaining an enviable individualism and high quality craftsmanship that can span from music creativity to very powerful and deep music.

David has released ten expansive albums, book, scored 18 films and worked on many multimedia projects. Film Stanko has got nomination by Slovak Film and TV academy for the best film score of 2016. 

David Kollar is one of the most productive Slovak instrumentalists and composers of 
experimental, movie and scenic music. The Prepared Guitar magazine included him among 
101 modern guitarists of the 21 st century.


As a guitarist and sound designer, David has participated in two tracks on Wilson's latest 
album TO THE BONE (2017) – one of the top 10 best-selling albums in some countries 
around the world including Great Britain (The UK Albums Chart), USA (Billboard - Top 
Rock Albums Chart and The Independent Albums Chart), Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, 
Austria, Finland, Switzerland and New Zealand.


David has a long list of albums and collaborations with many left-field artists to his name, including much respected Norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset, Arve Henriksen, Fennesz, Steven Wilson, Pat Mastelotto...


Pat Mastelotto describes his style as “An interesting combination of Eastern European classical influences, jazz, ambient, techno, IDM, trippy heavy blues rock mixed with eastern folk styles, played on a homemade guitar through a quirky combination of pedals and effects…I know critics often like to put music into categories but with David’s music that’s very difficult to do.” OK Pat, but if comparisons must be made, and they can be helpful to the uninitiated, the closest I can come up with is another David who blazes his own trail, David Torn.



TOP 13 Records of The Year - Guitar Moderne Magazine USA 

TOP album Ádécouvrir Absolument France 

TOP album Slovak doba.sk 

Radio Head awards Nomination for The best jazz album 

Radio Head awards Nomination for The best album 

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Progressive rock TOP albums 2015 

Hudba.sk Nomination for The best album of the year 

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Slovak Film and TV academy - Nomination for the best film score of 2016 


101 Modern guitarist of 21th century, Prepared Guitar Spot  Portugal 

The Best Documentary film, Karlove Vary International film festival 2015 

 Top albums Musical Melting Pot

TOP 20 Prog Mag

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Radio Head Awards - Award for Contribution to the Music 2018

Radio Head Awards - nomination for the best album of 2018




Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) 

Erik Truffaz 

Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, Mr. Mister) 

Arve Henriksen (David Sylvian. Supersilent) 

Eivind Aarset (Nils Petter Molvaer, Jon Hassel) 

Christian Fennesz (Mike Patton, Ryuichi Sakamoto) 

Trey Gunn (Peter Gabriel, David Sylvian) 

Lenka Dusilová (Lucie, Pusa, Čechomor)

Tadeusz Sudnik (Tomasz Stanko)

Gergo Borlai (Tony Macalpine)

Marco Minnemann (Joe Satriani, Aristocrats)