David’s sonic command of his guitar is in full force on Sculpting in Time. He jumps from film score paintings to heavy rock assaults with ease, everytime creating something very unique with his guitars. There’s so much to uncover with repeated listenings. Love it!”

— John Van Tongeren /Tony Williams, Hans Zimmer, Jeff Beck /

The amazing David Kollar delivered some great additional guitar parts for my upcoming album. Very unique player with a great musical sensibility and tone. ”

— Marco Minnemann /Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, The Aristocrats.../

I love the heavy mood and dark vibe. You definitely get into some deep tonalities!”

— Adam Holzman /Miles Davis, Robben Ford, Marcus Miller, Michel Petrucciani.../

I love the way he approaches music/guitar playing, because I am not able to recognize what style he actually plays. It's a very special style containing elements of rock, jazz and avant-garde music and even of electronic music. It's great. I consider him a genuine musician of the 21st century.”

Steven Wilson /Porcupine Tree/

"David in particular is one of the most innovative and driven young guitarists on the scene today. An interesting combination of Eastern European classical influences, Jazz, ambient, techno, IDM, trippy heavy blues rock mixed with eastern folk styles, Played on a homemade guitar through a quirky combination of pedals and effects he attains a one-of-a-kind sound. I know critics often like to put music into with David's music that's very difficult to do. "”

— Pat Mastelotto /KING CRIMSON, Mr Mister, .../

I like David Kollar as a musician, also because he is close to rock. I was a fan of rock myself and King Crimson in particular. But David is also close to ambient music and I've always liked Brian Eno for example. He's a very talented young musician. He just sent me an excellent new rock track for his album Sculpting in Time. He has a great sense of good sound and space.”

— Erik Truffaz