NEW Album this september!

I was inspired to create this album by a scene from the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona by Woodie Allen. The painter Juan Antonio suggested that they listen to the guitar in the evening. I thought what would I play for a painter on an acoustic guitar without a looper, Ableton live and other effects that are part of my guitar sound. I decided to visit Barcelona and find such a guitarist and get inspired. I sat by the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc and listened to a flameco guitarist. I started to think about how I would play like this on the street. I can't play classical or flamenco. I had to differentiate myself somehow. I decided to record spontaneous acoustic guitar compositions on one microphone and cable on strongly undertuned strings (In one piece is Whammy pedal).
Like I was playing on the street. You can hear me breathing and screaming on the album.