10/10 Progressive Music Planet!

David Kollar is a guitarist/multi-instrumentalist from Slovakia. While his name might not be one you know, if you have listened to Steven Wilson’s song Detonation or no-man’s tune Love You To Bits (Bit 4), you have heard his amazing guitar…

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PRE-ORDER Digital album, Cd, or Limited Edition Vinyl! 
Official release date December 1. Vinyl will be released on March 1. 2020. 

I started to work on the album from October 2018. My initial ideas were sent to Erik Truffaz. Gradually…

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David as a guest on new NO MAN ALBUM

Tim Bowness 


"In terms of recording, the first part of this year was spent re-singing the vocals for no-man’s new album and adding guest musicians to the framework SW and I had come up with in October 2018. 

Bringing professionalism…

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Počajevská lavra je mystické miesto. Traja mnísi sa tu zbavili traumatizujúcej minulosti, tu nachádzajú svoj pokoj a zmysel životného naplnenia. Ich príbehy sú metaforami premenenia, osvietenia a zduchovnenia na pozadí divokej ukrajinskej reality. Duchovná i hmotná bieda a zúfalstvo sveta…

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David is recording with Erik Truffaz

David is recording album with Erik Truffaz. "I use mostly acustic instruments like Ronroco, Guitalele and Mandolin. Some little electronics as well"
David sayz

9/10 starts on Frame music

Written by: Kev Rowland  

Every so often I am contacted by a band/label/PR company I haven’t come across before, and am asked if I would be interested in hearing the new release by someone I am not aware of…

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Salt Peanuts about Illusion of a separate world

Slovakian guitarist-sound designer David Kollar and Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen collaborative project began after the two met at at the Spectaculare festival in Prague on January 2017. Henriksen played there with Austrian guitarist-sound artist Christian Fennesz and Koller presented a…

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Soundtrack of my life

This is the debut album by a duo comprising of Slovak guitarist / composer David Kollar and Norwegian trumpeter / composer Arve Henriksen. It was recorded "virtually" over the Net, by exchanging files between the two musicians, and presents twelve…

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